Indian Music Books

Indian Music books

Practice of Indian Music  by Daniel Schell

Exists in French: Pratique de la Musique Indienne

in collaboration with Ashok Pathak, Dhruba Ghosh, Pandit Jasraj, Gauri Guha, Harsh Wardhan, Sangeeta Bandhyopadhyay and other masters.

A detailed textbook on the practice of Hindustani music with about hundred exercises and tunes/scores both in Indian and western staff notation. The text was edited by Dieter Tailleux of the department of Oriental Studies, Prof. Callewaert, Univ. of Leuven. It has now also an index in Devanagari.

In English or French, 230p . 40€ plus post./ PDF Version 35€

The Pandit Jasraj Songbook by Daniel Schell

in collaboration with Pandit Jasraj, Ankita Joshi and Wim de Winter

Contains notation in Staff and Sargam, of famous songs – with lyrics- by Pandit Jasraj

Famous songs in bhairav bahar, gujari todi, madhmad sarang, chaarukeshi, ahir bhairav, bairagi bhairav, puriya danashri, bhairav, jog, bageshrii, bhimplasii, bhairavi, and darbaari.

The darbaari section contains  the copmposition eri birari   in ektaal vilambit with a full notation of Jasraj’s improvisation. Folowed by bavari in tintaal.

English only, 59 pages. 35 €  (no CD included)  plus post

The Harsh Wardahn bansuri (in C or in G) Volume 1 & 2

by Harsh Wardhan & Daniel Schell

Volume 1 Exists in English and French.

Learn how to play the Indian bamboo flute. With a general introduction to Hindustani music.  CD included.

(Français: Apprenez le bansuri, la flute indienne en bambou, avec une introduction générale sur la musique Hindustani. Existe avec la notation en Do ou en Sol)

 Volume 1 Cd included : 35 €

The CD contains all the tunes played by Harsh Wardhan, accompanied on tabla by Sandip Banerjee. iin the Tonality : E (Mi)

New: Volume 2 (Only in English) 35€ CD Included

The Sandip Banerjee Tabla

by Sandip Banerjee & Daniel Schell

A step-by-step Tabla method for the beginners. CD included.

Exists in English and French, with CD included
35 €