The school is following the practice of classical musicians such as Dhruba Ghosh, Ashok Pathak, Pandit Jasraj, Harsh Wardhan, Sandip Banerjee, Gauri Guha, Sangita Bandhyopadhyay, Subhankar Chatterjee and many others. All those musicians have been staying and teaching in our Academy. On the Ixelles-Brussels site the main teacher is Daniel Schell: vocal, sargam-solfege, bansuri, guitar, all instruments except sitar. Tabla: Advanced Sandip Banerjee, twice a year.  On the central Brussels site, Bert Cornelis is teaching the sitar.

The Practice of Indian music

Daniel Schell, follows the method outlined in his book ‘The Practice of Indian Music (En Français Pratique de la Musique Indienne). There are also other method books available: The Bansuri with Harsh Wardhan, Vocal with Pandit Jasraj. Tabla with Sandip Banerjee

A detailed textbook on the practice of Hindustani music with about hundred exercises and tunes/scores, both in Indian and western staff notation.
The text was originally edited with the help of Prof. Callewaert, Univ. of Leuven. and his assistant Dieter Tailleux of the department of Oriental Studies. It has been edited following the method of Dhruba Ghosh.
It has also an index in Devanagari.

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