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Coming soon in 2024

Harsh & Vishal Wardhan, bansuri flute, April 9-18, 2024

Harsh & Vishal Wardhan

Harsh & Vishal Wardhan will teach bansuri at Sangit Academy, Brussels, from April 9 till 19, 2024 Contact us for info and booking

Concert: Harsh and Vishal Wardhan, Bansuri classical , accompanied by Ganesh Ramnath, tabla; Wednesday April 17, 20h ArtBAse, Brussels.

Tabla with Sandip Banerjee May 17 July 1 2024 , Tabla Seminar and Ensemble working with other isnstruments

Sandip Banerjee  is in Brussels, tabla classes, Seminar and concerts. till July 1, 2024. Sandip is travelling in Europe but shall be frequently in Brussels,

Sandip will teach at the Bansuri-Tabla Seminar of Sangit Academy, Dec 9-10 Two days of full teaching, with Sandip, tabla but also ensemble playing . Concert with Christophe Lartillot ; see hereunder.

Please contact us for lessons with Sandip.

Listen to Sandip Banerjee Tabla solo /  Schell-Banerjee Album: ‘Night in the Mountain’

Sandip Banerjee

E-Tap 2024 July 1-7

With Bob Culbertson Jim Lampi, Daniel Schell, Wolfgang Daiss,

Special guest: Wolfgang Daiss

The E-Tap European Tap-Guitar Seminar, in Suxy Belgium . THe place to be for tappers of all sorts, music and instruments. Master classes, conferences, practice and concerts.

A very special Seminar this year as it is E-Tap European Tap-Guitar Seminar


JimLampi, Daniel Schell Tap-Guitar June 31, 17h , Archiduc Brussels

Bob Culbertson, Daniel Schell, Dave Bowmer, Ian Roggerson, Rob Thorpe, Tim van Everboek, Jean-Christophe Beumier,asi, and the students of the E-Tap Academy, July 6 , Bar à Gouts , Jamoigne

Bob Culbertson, Daniel Schell Tap-Guitar , July 7, 17h Archiduc, Brussels

Info on the events:

  • Info/reservation or call 0471 41 47 36.

Past Events

Subhankar Chatterjee, vocal

Subhankar Chatterjee

E-Tap Online Master Classes

Petite Pause’ (Lampi) and the art of accompanying a melody with chords. Online Master Class / Zoom Platform/ Sunday Feb 11, 17h London-18h Brussels. Ticket 40€

‘Black Orpheus’ ( Bonfa) and the art of tap bar playing. Online Master Class / Zoom Platform/ Sunday Feb 25, 17h London-18h Brussels. Ticket 40€

Finish the year with Olivier Hernandez, harmonica – Daniel Schell, tap-guitar In Concert: Bar à Gouts , Jamoigne – Date: Saturday Dec 30, 20h – Ticket : Free choice (Be generous! )

Dec 17, 18h Only a few places left. Contact Clic Music.

Bansuri with Christophe Lartillot Dec 9-10, 2023, Concert: Dec 9, 19h

Christophe is one of the best European bansuri player, a long time 20 years student of Harsh, he will teach in our Sangit Aca, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 December 2023, 10h-17h

Lessons: One hour in private 40€ One day 80€ . Vegetarian Bio meal: 15€

Concert on Saturday 9 December, 19h : Christophe Lartillot, accompanied by Sandip Banerjee, tabla. Ticket: 15€ : Students of Sangit: 10€ Place: Sangit Academy, 12 Place Stephanie, 1050 Brussels. Reservation asked, only 15 places available.

Schell-Banerjee, the duet with 25 years of collaboration, will play the best of their albums. . A little party is organised afterwards to wish Sandip a nice return trip to India. Ticket is 15€. All the money goes to Sandip, who lives from his tabla playing, so be generous. PLace: Sangit Academy: Place Stephanie, 12, 1050 Ixelles. Reservation is asked: Only 15 places available.

Concerts: Subhankar Chatterjee, vocal – Daniel Schell, tiptar – Sandip Banerjee, tabla

Vocal with Subhankar Chatterjee, November 20-29, 2023

Subhankar will teach vocal in Sangit Academy, Brussels. Lessons are given in the Sangit school, from 10h till 17h. Lessons go on general Indian music, melody and rhythms. various raaga-s are studied and sung together. The lyrics also are analysed. Subhankar has a rich repertoire of traditional religious ( Hindu-Muslim) songs but also secular, ranging from love poems to seasonal topics The rhythmic aspect is also covered and exercises are practiced together.

Sunday November 26, 18h / Adress: 35 Allée des Colzas, 1160 Bruxelles REservation Maximum 30 people admitted Ticket 15€ There is a drink after the concert where you can meet the musicians.

There are private and group lessons for all levels. Price is 35€/h or 70€ for the day. A vegetarian Indian lunch can be arranged. Scores and material will be sent to you after re

Nov 24, 19h : Yoga Center Marguerite de Coster , 31 rue de la Concorde, 1050 Brussels

Nov 26, 18h, Music Center Voies d’Ondine , Brussels

Subhankar Chatterjee, vocal – Daniel Schell, tiptar – Sandip Banerjee, tabla

Dance with Supriya Chatterjee, June 20-25 2023

Bansuri and Tabla Week-End Seminar, October 28-29 2023

We are proud to organise a special week-end seminar with:

Fabrice de Graef – bansuri , Daniel Schell – bansuri and guitar , Imran Khan – tabla

Fabrice de Graef and Daniell Schell are long time students and collaborators of Harsh and Vishal Wardhan. They will teach Indian classical bansuri, along with the method and books by Harsh Wardhan.

Imran Khan, great international performer and teacher of tabla. He is the grand son of legendary tabla artist Fayaz Khan.

Fabrice de Graef-bansuri, Daniel Schell-tiptar and bansuri – Imran Khan-tabla

The Seminar will concentrate both on the practice of individual instruments – bansuri and tabla – but also on the group practice. Every participant will, if he wishes, be able to play with the bansuri and tabla players in group.

Place: Sangit Academy, Place Stephanie, 12 – 1050 Brussels – Date: October: Saturday 28, 10h – 17h -Sunday 29, 10h – 13h Followed by a concert of the trio with Carlo Strazzante, percussion. , 17h at ArtBase, rue des Sables 31, 1000 Brussels

Price: One hour 35€ – All day : 70€ Vegetarian meal: 15€ Entrance at ArtBase concert 15€ Visit ArtBase

Orissi Dancer Supriya Chatterjee will be there also Video. She will teach Orissi and general Indian dance.In concert, She will be accompanied by SubDanSand Trio . Subhankar Chatterjee, vocal – Daniel Schell-tiptar – Sandip Banerjee- tabla


Subhankar Chatterjee, Daniel Schell, tiptar and Sandip Banerjee, tabla in concert. Special guest: Supriya Chatterjee , Orissi Dance

  • To be announced, Sangit Academy, Place Stephanie, 12 – 1050 Ixelles-Brussels-Lessons and class commented concerts. June 20-25, on appointment
  • Yoga Center Marguerite de Coster – Rue de la Concorde, 31 – 1050 Ixelles – Brussels June 22, 20h -Reservation: A full musical performance. Ticket 15€ Reservation:
  • Yoga Center ‘Espace Bamboo’ ,Rue Hotel des Monnaies 79, 1060 Brussels June 25 17h – Ticket 15€ Reservation:



Past Events

Karo Trio Indian Dream, in concert,

Karo Trio Indian Dream: L to R Wim, Daniel, Sandip

Wim de Winter, sarangi – Daniel Schell, tiptar – Sandip Banerjee, tabla.

The Karo Trio, Indian Dream,  is a comet in the sky of  electronic music  All three members are accomplished in classical Indian music. They play innovative ideas such as developing raagas in various modes, rhythmic taalas over new cycles. On their traditional instruments they added electronic effects and synthesizers to develop new sounds and an atmosphere of meditative music.

Date December 7, 20h

Place: Art Base, rue des Sables 29, 1000 Brussels. Reserve:

  • Sangit Academy, Place Stephanie 12. 1050 Ixelles-Brussels, Info: or call 0471 41 47 36.

Vocal with Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay To be anounced

The great clasical vocalist Sangeeta Bandyopadhya a regulare teacher at Sangit Academy

15h till 17h. Vocal Master Class in group Participation is 30€.

18h Concert Sangeeta will perform some chosen songs from her beautiful repertoire. Accompanied by Daniel Schell, tiptar and Carlo Strazzante, tabla. Ticket : 15€ Reservation: