Coming soon in 2020:

  • Seminar, Classes and Concert:

Indian bansuri flute,  in preparation

Unfortunately Harsh and Vishal Wardhan will not be able to travel to Europe, at that period, because of the pandemy.  We are looking for a solution. Daniel Schell will surely be there to help you practicing along the books and recordings of Harsh.

  • Classes April 24-27, 2020,  , 10h 12h and 14h to 17h. Lessons: 35€ per hour or 70€ per day /

  • Concert Sunday April 26, 11h am. (Cancelled) A concert of morning raagas by Harsh and his son Vishal. Art Base , rue des Sables 29, 1000 Brussels.

Vocal with Subhankar Chatterjee, In preparation

Unfortunately, due to the health situation, Subhankar Chatterjee and Sandip Banerjee will not come to Belgium this coming spring. All events are therefore cancelled. We shall come back to you as soon as we are informed of the new situation. Meanwhile the lessons can be arranged with Daniel Schell in Brussels.

  • Subhankar Chatterjee, vocal
  • May : A full day of raagas with Subhankar Chatterjee, vocal – Sandip Banerjee -tabla well known artists from Kolkatta and Daniel Schell – tiptar . They bring you raagas at different hours of the day.
      • 11am:  morning raagas, followed by master class.
      • 14h Afternoon raagas followed by class.
      • 17h  Evening raagas.
  • May –  Classes From 10h till 12h Nov 10: Classes from 10h till 15h
      • The concerts of evening raagas will happen :

      • May 5, 20h Art Base, rue des sables, 1000 Brussels. Reservation
  • Sandip Banerjee  tabla classes and events. In preparation

  • Check the Concerts with Subhankar Chatterjee , Brussels

Info on the events:

  • Info/reservation or call 0471 41 47 36.

Last E-Tap 2020

  • E-Tap European Tap-Guitar Seminar

  • With Daniel Schell, Kai Kurosawa & Invited Masters

  • : July 6-12, 2020 : Suxy Belgium . Check  our Facebook page or
  • Sangit Academy, Place Stephanie 12. 1050 Ixelles-Brussels, Info: or call 0471 41 47 36.