Coming soon : Raaga days with Subhankar Chatterjee

  • Subhankar Chatterjee, vocal
    • A full day of raagas with Subhankar Chatterjee, vocal – Sandip Banerjee -tabla well known artists from Kolkatta and Daniel Schell – tiptar . They bring you raagas at different hours of the day.
      • 11am: concert of morning raagas, followed by master class.
      • 14h Concert of Afternoon raagas followed by class.
      • 17h Class on Evening raagas.
      • The concert of evening raagas will happen next day at Art Base (see event) Vocal with Subhankar but also tabla with Sandip, instruments with Daniel All levels welcome. A very unique opportunity to follow the succession of raagas at diferent hours of the day. Info/reservation or call 0471 41 47 36.
    • Concert with Daniel Schell and Sandip Banerjee. November 13, 20h: Art Base, Brussels / On FaceBook Concert
    • Sandip Banerjee is in Brussels for tabla classes and events. Till November 21, 2017.
  • E-Tap European Tap-Guitar Seminar : July 23-29 2018 : Libramont Belgium . Check t our Facebook page or

Past events:

  • Soni Serana , violin : Master class on Saturday October 21, 14-17h . At 17h  Concert accompanied by Latif Khan. Sangit Academy
  • Harsh Wardhan
    • Concert Harsh Wardhan, bansuri accompanied by Sandip Banerjee, tabla, October 26, 20h , Sangit Academy Concert
    • Master Class Harsh Wardhan, bansuri, Octtober 27-29 On Facebook MasterClass