Sangit Academy

The Sangit School of Indian Music

The school is situated in Brussels, , Ixelles-Elsene.


Topics covered

Songs, bhajans; sargam ( Indian solf├Ęge ); raaga (The Indian melodic system) and taala (the rhythmic system). We study Indian music both in SaRGaM (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa…) typographic notation, and in Sofege staff notation. Even not readers are welcome and will easily discover both notations.

The school is also open to occidental music. There is the possibility to study harmony, modal music, solfege.

Students may bring any instruments they play, western or oriental. We teach sitar, tabla, bansuri flute, guitar classical and electric, fretless Indian style guitar,  tap-guitar.

Group lessons: Vocal group , every Tuesday at 16h or 17h

Please contact us always before attending the lessons.