Clic Music Events :

May 27- June 12 Daniel Schell's new opera 'Neige de Soleil'

On the poetry and logograms by Christian Dotremont

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April 9-11, 2016: Seminar and Classes Indian Bansuri Flute with Harsh Wardhan. Sangit Academy

April 10, 2016, 17h Concert Harsh Wardhan, bansuri with Ashik Khan, tabla. Vocalist Vasundhara Raturi will join the concert. Sangit Academy


 Past events:

Nov. 8th, 17h : Concert  Indian Festival: Bandyopadhyay, Wardhan, Schell, Banerjee   , Cellule 133a, Brussels


Nov. 7 to 11:  Seminar and Classes: Indian classical vocal with Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay



Till  Nov 22 Seminar and Classes Tabla Indian percussion with Sandip Banerjee





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